Article 1000 kit

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The basic kit of the series article 1000 comprises material to manufacture an interconnection of 6 solar cells. Manufacturing can be performed by as few as one person to as many as twelve as the manufacturing steps can be divided into several phases.

A calculator is included to demonstrate the functioning of the manufactured solar cells.

Please note that a clay oven or other heat source conducting 450° C must be used for the preparation of the photo electrodes. A multimeter is recommended to measure voltage, current and electrical resistance. Neither a heat source nor multimeter are included in this kit.

In the full colour manual included the following issues are addressed:

  • Overview of contents
  • Preparation and building of solar cells
  • Spreading the titaniumdioxide solution
  • Measurement of the solar cells
  • Application of the solar cells in combination with a calculator or a soundchip
  • Experiments with different dyes
  • Recycling of the solar cells for new experiments

Article 1000 contains the following components:

1 x 12 conductive glass electrodes (art. 002)
1 x Titanium dioxide solution (art. 004) to coat art. 002
1 x Tape (Scotch 3M) 
1 x Microscope slide glass
1 x Pipette
1 x Wire gauze
1 x Pencil
1 x Hybiscus dye/pigment staining material (art. 013)
1 x Petridish
1 x Paper clips
1 x Electrolyte (art. 016)
1 x Set of 10 crocodile clip cables
1 x Safety goggles
1 x Screw driver set
1 x Pocket calculato